get a spray-on tattoo on your vaginal area, 'cuz why not..?

umm so i found this on refinery29 and got interested. not that i want anything like this, cause i'm horrified by any kind of tattoo, connected or not to needles. i even hate hennas.
this kind of tattoo (they call it "vattoo") is needle-less, painless and temporary, lasts for a week and, well, requires a little creativity in sex, since it should not be ummm scraped in any ways. interesting. three girls from "the luxury spot" site went to get vattoos (after a full brazilian wax, of course) and they got a spider with a cobweb, a glow-in-the-dark "69" and a heart. 

it may be just me, but i still like vajazzling a lot more, but it's probably just because i'm totally into glittery, shiny and sparkly stuff. 

but all in all i wouldn't get these, neither the tattoo, nor the vajazzle, 'cause in the end even those glittery spots can look like rushes too... what do you think? 


1 comment:

  1. Both images are not to my taste, just seems tackey really. the 'vajazzle' image just makes it look like there is some sort of medical condition going on there.


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