everything is grey back here.

so i'm back from the states and more, than tired. i can't really see straight at the moment, actually. BUT all i thought about lately was my blog which i love and want to post on regularly - for real.
so here we go.

i understand how MAC's rodarte line was offensive and all but why did they cancel it after all those scandals around it!? it would've be like the best seller. so yeah, they canceled the whole line.

i kinda understand that designing clothes for your dolls and barbies is fun. really. and i also understand that spreading their own styles is a big dream of almost everyone. but why on earth should they all start their own clothing lines!? 
here comes the next one, adam levine, the singer of maroon 5. it's probably just me, but i don't see any exceptional motives in his style. he's a simple alternative-rocker-style guy or what. nothing special. anyways, his collection will be called "222" and umm that's pretty much it about the whole topic. i wonder what can he show us..

okay so guess whose apartment i stayed at when i was in NYC. fashion designer marianne novobatzky's! never heard of her? neither did i. until the time i found out she was gonna be the one i'll be staying at the place of. 
then i met her and i was amazed. she's about 80 yrs old, still has the sense of style of a woman in her 20-30s, the jackets she designs are fabulous and she's a very, very, very interesting person. too bad i couldn't find any of her designs online, only this one picture you'll see below.
marianne by the way dressed infanta elena (duchess of lugo, daughter of queen sofia of spain), shania twain, oscar nominees and arabic princes and their partners. she was once a very successful lady, now she's pretty much, well, nameless. a few of the middle-class new yorkers still make her design clothes for them, but there are only a few of those ladies now. marianne took me to her studio and let me try on a few stuff, including expensive material jackets and coats. i was impressed and i still am. 

it's a shame, but i must admit i don't have any more energy to write so i'll post an inspiration article next, than collapse into the bed and sleep for 72 hours straight. no, of course not, i'll definitely wake up to post.

later, xo.

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