31 days left until september.

now i have a little selection for you. a selection of news and stories. 

first, something i just don't understand - peaches geldof is engaged to eli roth. for real. the peaches geldof i just posted about. the big one. and she's engaged. okay eli roth is not my type really, i don't like his face and all, but even he deserves better than peaches. i'm sorry for being mean, but this geldof girl just brings out the worst of me. 
they plan to get married in january, 2011 on a rooftop in NYC. i bet they won't ever make it to the wedding together.


lady gaga was spotted on the houston airport wearing a straitjacket-style dress. the dress is an asher levine piece. the guy is more or less talented, not really catchy tho, but this dress is obviously his worst ever design.

saks fith avenue gonna stock plus-size pieces soon. they only have sizes up to sz 10 now - but what about the size 16 ladies with the big bucks? well now they can spend their money in saks freely, getting ysl, armani, dolce and gabbana, chanel and so on. and the clothes will even fit them. cool, eh?

gap launches a line of denim leggings. skintight jeans, basically. they look really good, but of course only on the models and the sizes 0-4 girls. anyways, i'll try one on, 'cause after all, what could i lose (besides my self-esteem..)?

erin fetherston launches a small, 11-look line at Juicy Couture. art deco style jewels and cool clothes. i already adore the line. 

alright, finally i want to share this nymag.com slideshow with you. it's funny. what is this lonely 8-bit thing..?


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