the metropolitan building.

the lady whose place i was staying at while i was in New York City, showed me this building which i fell in love with right in the minute i stepped in. 
the metropolitan building is in Long Island City, Queens, NY, it was built in 1909 and used to be some kind of factory. 30 years ago on a hot summer afternoon, when Eleanor Ambos, a german lady found it, it was empty and strongly required a restoration. Eleanor bought the building in 2 hours after she first saw it, for cash. 
Eleanor was an interior designer and had an antique furniture rental business and she wanted to use the building as a storage place. the building had no walls inside on the upper stories, only huge rooms up there and tiny pantries downstairs. 

Eleanor stored her antique stuff there, but started to feel she had to do something with the whole interior, since naked brick walls were killing her. first, she gathered windows from the streets - windows people threw out when they were restoring their own apartments, etc. those windows became the walls of the Metropolitan Building on the inside - and they still are. Eleanor's friend, Marianne (the lady who showed the place to me) rented a room downstairs as a studio for herself, and they restored the whole building together.

Metropolitan Building is a popular wedding reception location, lots of photoshoots take place and parties and other events are being frequently organized there. let me say, i'm not at all surprised.
each stories have individual styles - one of them looks like Versailles on the inside, another has antique furniture but naked brick walls in it, and on the third story, there's a huge tub on the middle of the level, covered with golden mosaic tiles, in which they pour water and put water lilies on parties and other events. 
why do i write about a building? because i think this building is the most fashionable, most stylish one i've ever seen in my whole life. it screams STYLE really. see for yourselves.

...and a few photos from photoshoots that were here. 

tory burch for fall.

i love tory burch and i love her fall 2010 collection. period. nothing else to say, i think. what do you think? 
i see a little preppy touch in some of the looks, and i adore the all around creativity.


my new ring.

okay so i posted about this BCBG ring earlier and told you guys how i loved it and wanted to get it. well i almost bought it, except for that i didn't, because i didn't feel like spendink 150 bucks on it. and i think i made the right decision, 'cause back home i found this ring.

not as extreme as the BCBG one, and a little smaller as well, but with it's small, pretty pink rhinestones in it and the whole design...i love it! i'm totally into rings lately anyways. 
of course i understand if you guys like the BCBG piece better, i just wanted to show you, because i really believe it was a better choice to spend 15 dollars on this, then to spend ten times this amount of money on a ring i didn't even like a lot better. maybe i'll change my mind later though.

later. xo


interview with a wardrobe stylist.

since i'm on the Independent Fashion Bloggers' community, I meet amazing people every single day. a few days ago i found this blog and it's editor on the site - the blog is called Laura's Style, the editor is, well, obviously Laura. i decided to ask her a few questions because i thought her job was very interesting and amazing, and i want to share what she said with all of you, my readers.

Q: When and why did you start your career and what is this career exactly?
A: I absolutely adore fashion and I always have. I have always worked for retail companies and I love doing so, but I just wanted to start something on my own. So, I got to thinking....what is it I am good at? And what is it that I know? Hmmmmm....FASHION! A lot of people have told me that I always seem to look put together and sometimes they just come into the boutique I work at just to see what I am wearing today! I would always say thank you, but I am modest so I wouldn't let myself think too deep into it. I never ever want to think that I am perfect!!! I most certainly am not. But one day I decided that I might want to pay attention to what people say about me. Maybe it's someones way of telling me that I should be doing more with my passion for fashion! So, I decided to start my
 own wardrobe stylist business called Laura's Style, where I help my clients find their own unique signature looks. I offer many services that can be found on my blog www.laurasstyle.blogspot.com, but basically it's whatever you want from me I will help you with! I will clean out your closet and help you find items that have potential, and items that have no hope. I will bring them to a consignment shop and set you up an account so that you might be able to make a little money back. The items that have no hope I will donate for you if that is what you would like. I also offer a fashion photo album, which you will find a sample of on my blog. I
 actually photograph outfits for you and put them neatly in an album with descriptions so you can refer back to them when you are getting ready for work, a date, etc. There are so many more services that I offer. You must check out my blog!

Q: What are the basic guidelines when styling someone?
A: When advising someone on their body type I believe that it is all about balance and proportion. You must achieve the most eye appealing silhouette as possible! For some people this can be difficult and confusing. That is what I am here for!
Q: There must be a basic style you work with, something that's uniquely you. How would you describe this style?
A: I can't help but infuse some of my personal style into my clients looks, which is a clean, chic, feminine look, but I never want to dress someone in something they completely hate. However, I do ask that all of my clients be willing to try anything and everything. That is what makes fashion fun! Of course not every style or trend is good for everyone. My clients will always end up with their own unique signature look.

Q: Are there any basic rules we should all live by if we don't want to make any serious style mistakes?

A: RULES ARE MEANT TO BE BROKEN!! Katherine Hepburn said it right when she said "If you obey all the rules you miss all the fun!" I am really big on experimenting. Clothes will never look the same on you as it does on the rack and vise versa, so always be willing to try. I have to say that those mom jeans from the 80's were quite terrible and would never compliment any body type! I also have one other rule. With a clothing makeover something else must follow. A make up and hair makeover!! You are never completely styled until you have the TOTAL LOOK!
Q: Who do you think people should turn to when in need of style advices?
A: Who would I recommend to turn to as a style advisor other than myself? Hmmmm. I would have to say that Tim Gunn can be kind of stuffy but he is almost always right. I love how he says that fashion should never be too comfortable. It is a good thing when you don't feel like you are in your p.j.'s!! It is one of my pet peeves when a client says that she doesn't like something because it is uncomfortable when it looks fantastic on her! I also look up to style icons such as Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, and Jackie Kennedy. Such simplicity yet such fabulous style!

i think this, what she's doing, is fabulous. what do you think? would you turn to a wardrobe stylist? 

later. xo

miss universe 2010.

it's 1.47 AM here in hungary at the moment, so it's officially the 23rd of August here now and we all know the miss universe 2010 beauty pageant is taking place in Vegas today. i checked the official page of the pageant the other day and also watched a few of the videos on youtube about the contestants and finally i decided my favorites are miss usa (i think she's the most natural and spontaneous of them all, and she has a great amount of sense of humor so everything i can possibly like in a person), miss ireland (her hair is amazing, and she's pretty, though she's kinda obnoxious to me) and miss nicaragua (because i think she's the most beautiful of them all, she's got an amazing figure and a very nice face). my country failed on this contest like at the moment they (or we..?) chose their (our..?) candidate. we have this girl, timea babinyecz...i don't really wanna say anything bad about my country and compatriots again, so i won't depreciate her, but just search "miss universe - hungary" on youtube, and watch the video. i'm not linking it here, just because.
miss usa

miss nicaragua

miss ireland

who's your favorite contestant? who do you think will win? 



how i accessorized my plain white dress today.

i wore this white vince dress today (umm, i actually still do), which looks good enough by itself, but i looooove accessories. let me show you those i have on today :)

this is an amazing (coach) purse, really. it's a sidebag and i lovelovelove it - not big enough for all my crap though. anyways, credit card, cash, phone and makeup fit in.

the thong sandals are from BCBG MaxAzria - nude leather straps and a gold chain on the top. comfy and gorgeous, my new favorite.

and finally i have a long necklace on with this medal on it - i got it from my grandma like ages ago and it's still my favorite, i love how it's so delicate and simple, still looks sophisticated enough. 

so these are my accessories today. i tried to find a photo of the dress i wear online as well, but i couldn't find it. it's from saks fifth avenue by the way. my favorite dress - loose on the top and tight on my thighs, so amazing and hottt.

later. xo

hungarian street style blogs.

so i googled around a bit to show you, my dear readers from the other side of the world my homeland, hungary's street style blogs. they're deceiving though - hungarian people are faaaaaaar not that stylish. these blogs show the exceptions and people in these blogs are usually not real pedestrians, these photos are fully pre-organized and set. 

our style in hungary (some things on it are also there in english) mostly shows hungary based designers (totally obscure designers though) usually from budapest, the capital. you can see on the photos that they're not real at all, but the styles are kinda okay-ish i guess. the blog also has posts on it about hungarian art events. 

lookz once used to be known as "budapest style" - it shows people from the streets and festivals of budapest, they're rated and the site is only available in hungarian so i guarantee you won't understand a word of the comments - good on you. the site is good though, worths a check.

cotcot street fashion is (all hungarian and) really real and catches a few of the (rare) stylish people on the streets and malls. the site all in all is not bad, but i usually browse it just to get horrified by the tastelessness of my compatriots.   

art and style (last but not least) is a special one - it shows street style pictures in a painted version. things on it are there in english, but the style-part is poor. it's only interesting because of the quality of the paintings, the talent of the painter and the total reality of the demonstrated looks. just imagine - 95% percent of the residents of the country look like (or worse than) these people. 

i really don't mean to criticize my homeland and all, but i must admit the truth. people here are not at all stylish and they have the poorest of taste in fashion, design, anything that requires a little sense of aesthetic. 
check the people on the sartorialist or just on american or french or even norwegian street style blogs - see the difference? i just don't think i need to say anything else. 
my aim with this blog is to meet, communicate and co-op with people who are just as interested in style as i am and who are also in pain when seeing a girl in stuff like...well...these:

i'm dying to read your thoughts and comments on hungarian people's sense of fashion and the blogs i linked above. 

later. xo


my least favorite pret-a-porter looks for this fall.

as i was running through the fall 2010 lookbooks the other day, i found looks that totally don't worth a penny (for me), i wouldn't wear even if the designers paid me to do, and are absolutely not pret-a-porter (in my opinion).




my favorite pret-a-porter looks for this fall.

good morning everyone :) i collected my absolute favorite fall looks together into one post. check it out and comment. 

marc jacobs

alexander mcqueen

(though i'm totally not amazed by the chloé 2010 F/W collection, these jumpsuits caught me.)

marc by marc jacobs

nanette lepore

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