sweet morsels for the evening.

i'm sorry for being so lazy to post lately, it's just that i don't have any energy for the end of the day.
anyways, i have things to post about tonight :) 

chelsea clinton's probably gonna say "i do" in a vera wang piece. yeeeey. she was spotted at wang's showroom on the 27th of july (probably on her way to a consultation or something exciting). we all wondered if she was going to chose de la renta or wang - and now i'm really happy about her choice since wang is awesome! 
btw, i feel sorry about those who also have their weddings on the 31th of july, since the clinton girl's wedding gonna be like the biggest thing ever and stuff, so it's going to kinda ruin all other weddings. 

sale alert - victoria's secret gonna have this amazing sale online (!). like, now. so get your asses onto http://www.victoriassecret.com/sale. it worths it.
and ok, this umm thing below surely wouldn't look good on me at all, but still, would somebody please order this to me? ('cause of course shipping to europe costs fortunes)

barneys just announced the dates of their spring summer warehouse sale — august 19th through september 6th. which means what? yes, exactly: that i'm gonna totally MISS THE WHOLE EVENT. see, that's why i hate to be ummm anything, but american...i mean, new yorker. 'cause what could be better than that? sigh. i'd need someone to like go to the barneys and buy stuff for me. once again, sigh.
(i'm pissed.)

the new celebrity obsession is the LWD - the little white dress. well, let's face it, most of us would look like a whale in one of those, but for those who wouldn't, it's a good choice, since it's not only simple, but doesn't swallow sunbeams so you won't get too umm sweaty. 

anna wintour's hosting a dinner for obama and other very important people like calvin klein and donna karan, etc in her greenwich village house. streets are closed already. the cost of the meal is 30.000 bucks per person. if somebody has a spare invitation, i'd accept it. thanks.

the new lanvin store is like the dream of every girl. i'm very impressed. i'll totally visit it in august, when i'll be in NYC. 815 madison ave, here i comeeee!

i'm gonna post a list about the stores we will definitely gonna have to visit with my boyfriend while we're in the USA - bargain stores, discounted designer stores, thrift shops and stuff like that. if any of you, my dearest readers, have any kind of suggestions on where to buy discounted designers or vintage stuff in DC, NYC or Maryland or anywhere around these places, don't you hesitate to let me know :)
thankss :)

i wish y'all a goooood night, it's 1.11 AM here already, and now i can barely read what i write down, so...see u tomorrow xo 

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