So what about this Style Rookie...?

A few days ago I checked this great blog, Fashion's Religion and its older posts. I've read through the whole blog and the first article truly caught me. It was an article on how the editor, Marcus, liked Tavi Gevinson and how he looked up to her. I got pretty excited, because it's the first time I had the opportunity to personally ask a Tavi-liker about their opinion on the girl. So I did.

"My main reason would have to be, that the fashion industry was started by adults, and it is run by adults.  Tavi was hardly the first young adult to love fashion the way she does, but she was one of the first to really become public about it, through her blog, The Style Rookie.  I admire her, because it took her one year to do what most adults try to accomplish in their entire lives.  She is such a young talented person that I couldn't help but be fascinated by her.  I do not always agree with her own personal fashion choices, but hell, I'm sure not everyone agrees with mine.  But I like how know matter what people say about her and her personal style, she still continues to be who she is.
Also I grew up in a tiny, small hick farm town called Coshocton in Ohio.  And people really made fun of me, they boarder-lined threatened and harassed me because I loved fashion and I didn't hide it, and I liked Tavi and The Style Rookie because it was a place for me to go and escape my home town."

I'd like to thank Marcus for telling me all this - he's the first person to make me really think about that they could possibly be right. 

Still I have doubts. I don't like how she labels herself as a "tiny 13 year old dork that sits inside all day wearing awkward jackets and pretty hats" - if you ask me, it screams "i am fabulous and mock-modest as hell". The other thing is that Marcus mentioned how she's the first teen (or young adult, whatever) to publish their thoughts on fashion, etc. Now in my opinion it shows that she's an exhibitionist, egoistic, bored little girl with a lack of sense of style who wanted to do whatever it takes to be famous. Also I think we couldn't possibly know that she really was the first youngster to blog about fashion, only she was pushy enough to let everyone know how young she is. And of course, I don't at all agree with 13-year-olds wearing high heels.

On the other hand, I admit that she did something really well since she achieved so much in so little time. And she is really brave to show her true self and to always wear whatever she wants. 

All in all - I have no idea what to think at this point. If anyone would ever read this post, I kindly ask you, please, leave your own opinion on Tavi in a comment! Thanks :)


  1. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to voice my opinion! I enjoyed our little chat. I really enjoy reading your blog, keep up the fantastic work.

  2. Here's a note: please, Please, PLEASE edit your blog posts. It's "no matter what", not "know matter what". I've just skimmed through your blog and all of your entries are like this. Your writing skills are very, very poor. I wouldn't be surprised if you're also 13, maybe that's why you hate Tavi so much.


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