a real post - finally.

oh god, i can't believe how crazy my life is...
anyways - i'm writing this post now to cool down a bit.

i looooooove j.crew's fall 2010 collection. i've never been such a j.crew fan, despite its preppy style which i already told you my feelings about. now this lookbook convinced me to like the brand. furry vests, preppy skirts, thigh-high socks, pastels, sequined stuff, etc...give me a "like" button, please.

awesome, eh? i wonder what is the men's collection like..

color trends for this fall will be pale blue, red, olive, purple and of course camel. 
camel trench and red leather are musts, as i posted previously (in the linked post, you can find the material trends of fall 2010). about camel trenches - of course you don't have to get a designer one, i'm sure there'll be awesome pieces in zara or in macy's anywhere. and of course in j.crew...

i'm angry - why is taylor momsen the face of galliano's new fragrance? what did she actually do so well? i don't get it. let's face it: she can't act or sing, she's not extraordinarily stylish or pretty, she's like average. and i don't have any problem with average people, only they should not be the face of anything galliano. (or anything else.)

marks and spencer's latest inspiration for a male underpants line is my favorite (ironically) vampire - robert pattinson. i just...i'm...i'm not gonna comment on this thing now. 

by the way - what about this tattoo?

alright, i'm probably gonna post tomorrow..
later. xo

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  1. Haha! Awesome tattoo!
    btw the post is well made.


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