Peaches is Getting Closer and Closer to Her Life Goal

So as we all know, Peaches Geldof made her ambitions clear in October, 2009: "If I had it my way, I'd be obese in a house with 50 cats, not working at all, not going outside and talking to my friend."

Well, dear Peaches, you probably are going to have it your way - let's see how one of the 100 Sexiest Women of 2007 look like at the moment!

Sexy, isn't she? Well, she's not. She looks horrible. I literally feel sorry for her. She used to be a really hot girl - or at least skinny. Now - she's a bull. Duhh.
Inspired by this - I'm eating diet chocolate right now. 

A new website called sixitemsorless.com challenges users to wear a combination of only six items of clothing for 31 days - it's fun! I love it. I would definitely join...if I would not want to go shopping for a month. But I do.

Kate Moss is going to work with Longchamp - she's gonna make patchwork stuff. I don't like patchwork.

Leather pants, florals, trench coats, fur. Trends for Fall 2010. Good. But please, girls, if you have elephant legs, don't wear leather pants - it's bad for everyone. 

I was at the mall (again) today. I went to Zara. I didn't get ANYTHING. At all. It clearly shows how much of a bad mood I am in.
So instead of writing, I'll put some inspiration into a new post after I post this one.


  1. especially peaches, right? ;)

  2. Bet you feel like a massive BITCH now.


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