My New Romper Makes Me Look Pregnant

Right. It does. Bahh.
BUT! Club Monaco has the best winter collection ever which cheers me up a lot. Furry, white ushankas and earcuffs? Sparkling clutches? Silky-looking, amazing scarfs? Oh dear...

And these are only the accessories. Great, ha?

I have had this interesting-looking leopard printed scarf in the last 2 years and I've worn it only for fun - until last winter, when I decided I liked it. Now, it seems like it's the new Fall trend. Just like red leather, which I am a huge fan of - and it seems like I passed fashion by a few steps, since I've already worn red faux-leather ankle boots and shoulder bags. And belts, of course. Hell I'm so stylish! :)
I also adore the camel coats, they look fabolous, but they remind me a littlebit of my great-grandmother - she's got like a hundred of them. I could borrow one - vintage as it could be! 
Shiny velvet stuff are not my favorites though. In fact I couldn't imagine myself wearing...no, I'm lying right now, actually I have velvet leggings from Topshop and I used to have (now it's probably in a thrift-shop somewhere) a velvet turtleneck t-shirt. Wearing velvet is actually a really simple way to make an outfit look pretty elegant (Marc Jacobs totally rocked in a purple velvet skirt!). 

But I hate maxi skirts really.

Rodarte's M.A.C line is gonna be exciting. People criticize it because the lookbook contains raped-looking girls, and because the company names their nail polishes after murdered women. Creepy.

Honestly I don't like Georgia May Jagger, but she would be a lot better for the Fall 2010 Versace ad campaign than Anna Selezneva and Iselin Steiro. I mean, at least she has some flesh on her bones. Not only skin, like the other two have. Disgusting.
Check it, Selezneva is like a 4-year-old...she doesn't even have tits:

Question of the day: why does Dolce and Gabbana's campaign include cocks (not like that, pervs) in Madonna's hands? Oh, and there's a fat baby as well. 

I've been following Paris Hilton's Twitter lately (in the past 2 days), and I must say despite that I like her lots as a person and celebrity and all, she is quite smug and cocky and I just can't see the point of tweeting pictures of myself on my private jet. Wait, sorry, that's not even her jet (of course no doubt she could easily get one, but still...). Anyway, I still like you, Paris, I just don't get it.

Now it's only 20 days until my lovely lovely lovely trip to the USA with my gorgeous boyfriend, and with lots of walking, lots of fun, lots of excitements and even a lot more shopping. God, please make time past faster. And faster. And faster.
Alright, that's all for now (it's about the amount of text enough for 3 posts). I'm gonna have a whole night of fun with my boyfriend in this fantastic city (okay, it's only fantastic on friday and saturday nights). xo

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