How I Met My Bf's Dad and Other Stuff

Sorry for the 2 days I haven't written anything. Me and my boyfriend visited my boyfriend's dad on the countryside. No WiFi, no computers, nothing. It was the firt time I met my guy's dad, so I was more, than nervous on the way there, and freaked out a little at about halfway, but eventually it all came out quite well.

Of course I tried really hard to impress them all. I washed my floral skirt ASAP, and put on an oversized tee and the skirt with crystalized flip-flops and a flower-shaped necklace. Putting on my makeup took me 60 minutes instead of the general 30 minutes, I fixed my face with a spray like ten times, and made my hair in 20 minutes instead of the general 2 minutes.
On the second day, I gave up - I put on my Ralph Lauren bikini and the dress i made out of my bf's shirt without a belt so it just hung on me really. And I didn't put any makeup on. Take this, that's the real me. Hah.

Anyways, fashion industry wasn't on vacation in the last 2 days so I have a lot to post about now.

First, i checked the new tommy hilfiger line and well 50% liked it. There're a lot of looks I could imagine on a lumberman rather than on myself, but they also have cool stuff, like sequined shorts and great jackets. Here are pics, one of them of all of the TH models and one especially of my favorite men's look. I think it's awesome. What do you think?

Miami Swimsuit Fashion Shows were, well, interesting. I have barely seen pieces I'd wear. Ihough a Trina Turk cover-up (on the picture on the right) really caught my eyes..

Every fashion blog keep writing about this so although I didn't want to, I have to post it too: the same Miu Miu dress gonna be on three magazine covers, Elle, Vogue and W. Everyone is like "OMG", but honestly - who cares!? 

Qi's new collection is heroic. Like literally, the dresses are like superhero suits but still they're adorable as they're simple and stylish. My fav's this grey dress on the left - btw, what about those eyebrows?

I'm a fan of alexander wang's rocco duffle bag - but Swarovski makes it even better. No need for further explanation, see for yourself.

MAC's gonna change the names of their Rodarte products...I'm getting bored of this story now.

Alright, that's it for now, enough fashion morsels for a day I guess. Comment! xo

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