Busy Monday

Too many information for today. Gotta clean my head up so I post it all.
2010 fall hair trends are out today - on Refinery29, at least. My personal favorite is "high and mighty" - it's a simple backcombed do, nothing special, still looks glam. I'd love to try a backcombed ponytail sometime, only I'd have to straighten my hair. Nevermind, the new trends seem to be rather retro-ish, and I'm not really a huge fan of any of the looks listed on Refinery29, still all of them could possibly look good on somebody's head.

Now that's a do I'd actually wear daily. And J-Lo's earrings look nice as well - too bad I didn't get my ears pierced. Not that I feel sorry about it, I'm freaked out by needles. 

I found this epic picture of an actual building on Hazme el Chingado Favor. Who would ever move into a house like that? (I would.) 
Cute, eh? Only the fences ruin the vision..

Gosh I was in (the only) Starbucks (in this country) in the morning and a little girl came in with her friend. This little girl was about 10 years old and abolutely flat-chested, if you get what I mean. So this girl sat there and I couldn't help but take a picture of her.

Though my Longchamp tote is in the picture and it's definitely a lot more pretty, look at the girl. First: she wears a bra - what for? Second: Umm pink and leopard prints? Puh-lease, you're a kid. And last but not least: her hair. She looked almost totally like Tavi Gevinson. I almost got scared when I noticed her. 
The girl also wore gladiators and had no bag. Who on Earth can run errands without any kinda clutch, tote, purse or anything over the age of 8? I mean girls, of course.
Am I right or you disagree? Comment and tell me ;) xo

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