i feel so bad about marc jacobs and lorenzo martone.

the news came out in about april. we all had doubts. we didn't really want to believe that the dream couple split. well a few days ago - lorenzo tweeted it. it's over. 2 months ago. 

at this point i'm afraid of what could happen to my relationship, if this one ended in a break up instead of a marriage after years. i'm so sorry about this break up. i hope marc's alright.

now let's take a look at my favorite resort 2011 collections. 2010 fall lookbooks are getting boring..

first, carolina herrera's resort 2011 looks. light colors, pastels, ruffles, feminine style. kinda romantic, still on the 1st and the 3rd picture from the left below, looks have a masculine touch as well. i love its simplicity.

the next is sonia rykiel. she said that her inspiration for the collection was cote d'azur, especially an art deco hotel in juan-les-pins. the collection is actually interesting - at first it might seem very typical sonia rykiel, but if you look closer, it's actually different in a discreet way. that's what i love about it - and the inspiring location of course.

i love givenchy's looks! so red, so givenchy, so fabulous! i love the very-skinny pants with the structured skirt-like hip areas and the lacey details (by the way - those red patterns especially on the 3rd picture from the left look a lot like hungarian folkloric art products...any ideas why is that?). 

and finally, my absolute number one favorite - alexander mcqueen. no, not only because he's not with us anymore but because the style he brought to life is fantastic. now i don't know what happened to blogger.com, but i can't put picture in the post anymore. i mean, into this post. so i'll put on pictures in the next post. 

what do you think about the resort 2011 collections? which designers lookbook do you like the most? :)

later. xo

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