How did 14 year-olds become style icons?

I'm not the hater type really. Actually I'm more of a hated person. Or fanned, depends. 
Anyways, a few months ago I found my number one pet peeve - the editor of the blog Style Rookie, aka Tavi Gevinson. 
See I'm not jealous or anything, in fact I feel rather sorry about the little girl's greyish-greenish haircolor and her losen childhood. Alright, it was her choice. But I am annoyed by the articles about how she doesn't understand why she's in the first row of fashion shows and stuff - but come on, have you guyz ever read a sentence of her blog? She's a stuck up little nobody who thinks she rules, just because a few kiddies read her blog. And her style..! Please..
The other one - Madonna's daughter, Lourdes. Thank God she's got only two tiny posts - it's more than enough of her. She's all about vintage stuff and I don't even know what else, but her blogging style and everything...bahh. Of course, I'd rather read Lourdes' blog ten times than all of Tavi's once. Doesn't really matter, just felt like sharing it.

Kim Kardashian is one of my new favs. I'm not only crazy about her structured skirts, but I think she's really hot.

I've been following the Selfridges scandal lately and I must say I'm horrified. For real. How could someone be so shameless? I can't believe those guys! I think I was freaking out about this a little too much, but still.

Earlier I've heard about those mood nail polishes, you know, the ones that change color depending on the mood of the person who wears them. It would be really cool if it'd change color by the want of the person. Like, I think "Umm blue nails would look fine" and voilá, blue nails, or "I'd die for black nails" and yes, you're right, they'd get black. Oh dear. Anyways, I should totally change my nail colors more often, not like weekly, as I do now. The only problem is that polish remover removes my nails as well - since my real nail is too short so fake nails can't be put on them and I have to put on artificial nails for myself (I buy them in drugstores. My message for nail-glue manufacturers: FUCK OFF.) and they are made out of realy weak plastic. You know what I mean.

Okay, I gotta go now. Stay tuned. xo

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