female tuxedo and other stuff.

yeah so girls in tuxes - awesome. i loooove how it's so special yet simple, feminine, masculine, and...gorgeous. and according to forever21's blog, black and white is a must in this season. they know best.

although i love fabsugar, i must tell them somehing a bit mean: sequined details are not a new trend :( sorry guys, but we all know that sequins are in like a year ago. and you have a trend alert on this now. why?

target's gonna co-op with another designer after zac posen - william rast. i have no idea, who he is, but he must be good. on the picture below, it's JT with rast.

is lance bass better than marc jacobs? barely. but it seems like martone's seeing bass lately. once again - WHY? i just don't understand the way men think. sigh.

i just found this designer, kimbery ovitz. although her models are lame, her designs are gooooood. they're simple, cute, feminine and stylish. i love it.

as i promised, i'm gonna post about dora abodi later tonight - but first i'm going to see the movie grown ups with my mom and my boyfriend. it's just out (at least in my country). i can't wait.

later. xo


  1. wow... interesting design from Miss Ovitz.. ugly.

  2. thanks for being so constructive :D

  3. I had to share my opinion with u . Xp

  4. of course u had to :) i'm happy to read everyone's opinion about everything.


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