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I decided to look around on the internet so I can find interesting posts on boring blogs so I can trackback them. Too bad I couldn't find out, how to trackback. Nevermind, I'll link 'em.

  • I found these amazing Kate Spade book bags on Barneys Girl's Blog. I'm wondering if I could still get them in august since I kinda fell in love with them.

  • I recently adore Ava Austin's FaCuffs, those I found on Alexander's Eyes. Though its material, dried paint, is extraordinary, I still think these Metal FaCuffs look good. Too bad Austin will be in California when I'll be in DC and NYC, so I won't be able to purchase any of these cuffs. Sad sigh.

  • I found this gorgeous picture on Girl on the Ave. I looked after it, and found - nothing. I just couldn't find it. If anyone would ever read this, I kindly ask them to let me know if they have any info about the bracelet, because once again I'm in love. Thank you.

Soooo those were the blogs I was checking on this awfully hot day as I lay here in a dark room with the AC on, sipping coooooold water and feel like a mess. See you guys later :) xo

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  1. Really gooood blog!! Congrats!! :)



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