dora abodi.

so as i posted earlier, dora abodi is one of the few young designers from hungary who actually is successful and known worldwide. most of the designers in this country are middle-aged people, who usually design ummm ball-gowns, prom dresses, suits and stuff like that for also middle-aged people who are rich and important enough to be able to afford to buy any of their clothes. as i'm thinking now, i can't tell the name of any other hungarian designer of the same category as dora abodi.

dora was born in cluj-napoca, romania. her family moved to hungary a few years later when she was just a little kid, so basically all her childhood memories are from hungary. 
later she graduated at the french modart international art and fashion academy of budapest. it's kinda annoying, but i just couldn't find anything else about her, though i searched a lot.
she's influenced by the french style, femininity, elegancy, the italian luxury, attitude and of course, leather works, the hungarian craftmanship and special cutting and finishing traditions and the emotional romanian attitude. her inspirations are literature, music, sci-fi, nature, movies, travels, and the always changing kind of the world around us.
she's a green desiger as well: she made ECOSTUMEs, which meant like tulle skirts made of PET bottles and stuff. 
her F/W 2010/2011 collection's name is "bowie in atlantis". it's kind of a glam rock-ish collection with a hard touch of, well, david bowie. here are a few pictures from the "bowie in atlantis" lookbook.


  1. I still think that her clothes are not as good as Naray's.

  2. alright, that's what YOU think, and i promise i'll post about him as well once, ok? :)


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