Bows - My New Obsession

I bought this headband today with a cute floral (!) bow on it. Yeah, I know I wrote I didn't get anything, but it really is the only thing I got. 
So, I just adore bows at the moment. It's a huge trend about a year ago and I did like it before, but now I found a few stuff i love. Here they are. 

This one is a Nine West clutch (retails at ummm $69, as I recall). I like the contrast of the cuteness of the bow and the wildness of the faux-croc material.

Dorothy Perkins is kinda cheap, but (and it's like a backstage info) Dolce and Gabbana made the same-ish tees. (I know - my mom has got one.)

I don't have any idea about the name of the producer, but these shoes are epic. A huge bow and a few smaller bows - how cool is this? And I love the color!

This Armani Privé piece is beautiful and although it's from a 2008 show, it would be exceptionally hot today - oversized, metallic, masculine and bow. I want one.

Umm this is supposed to be a bikini. I guess. It's just guessing - I have no idea what could it be, but lovely. 

So yeah, bows - hot or not? I love them, but I'm not quite sure everyone likes these kinda extreme-looking goods. Do you?


  1. silver sheep7/23/10, 9:58 PM

    I love bows. They're very feminine. The shoes are extremely good!!! But you need a pair of beautiful black legs to wear them. :)

  2. i love the shoe with the bow! <3



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