Alexis Mabille

The shoes with those enormous bows really caught me in the previous post, so I decided to look after it a little more. I found the designer and not-so-surprisingly, he's awesome!

Alexis Mabille is French, he's from Lyon. His first inspirations were museums and his family's attics - he started to cut and sew pieces of laces and other stuff he found together. As a teenager, he started to make theatre costumes and outfits for his friends and family. He went to Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture in Paris, got his diploma in 1997 and started to work for companies like Ungaro, Nina Ricci, Dior and Galliano. He launched his own line in 2005 and first made unisex pret-a-porter stuff and a line of bow-ties. 
Today he's famous in France, and a lot of French magazines published articles about him lately. 

I personally love his designs. He apparently likes bows just as much as I do now, and the shoes I posted earlier are also gorgeous frontally.

Please forgive me for being so crazy about bows and all, but I must share these pictures with you, since I truly think Alexis Mabille is a great designer and I'm looking forward to find his designs in a store anywhere (please remind me of him next time I blog from France).

So that's all about Alexis Mabille. Please comment whether you like him or not, and why, I'm dying to read your thoughts!


  1. silver sheep7/23/10, 11:03 PM

    I like Alexis very much! A bow on a male model - it's very exciting and unusual. But I like it. I would wear all the female pieces anytime.

  2. wow...stunning.
    nice article btw.


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