Fall 2010 Lookbooks

Okay, though I'm not even done getting straight with my summer closet, I'm desperately checkin on my Bloglovin' blog list and other stuff lately just to see what do those so-called high street designers have for us this fall. And honestly - I'm not disappointed at all.

I must admit, it's probably just the preppy background and its simplicity, but my personal favorite at the moment is Club Monaco. I mean, really, who else could make clogs look good, or at all acceptable to me!?

I still wouldn't ever wear those things anyway, but on this picture it just doesn't hurt my eyes so much. 
The other Fall lookbook worths talking about is Reece Hudson's. Honestly I have never ever heard a single word about this Reece H., but when I saw the lookbook, I decided to get at least one of their designs, since the lookbook has an effortlessly amazing feeling, and though I think most of the clutches and totes are not that beautiful, they're still unquestionably unique. Don't you think?

Oh, I almost forgot - I just bought two (of course more, but these two are really fantastic) amazing Mango pieces, a cute floral skirt and a beige faux-leather handbag. I Googled a littlebit, and found something awesome..

Yayyy, Miss Kardashian worn a bag almost exactly like mine, and a skirt that has the same design as mine. I'm very cool now.

Alright, despite me being pretty sure nobody's gonna read this post, I guess see you all soon :)

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