My Blogger Resolutions for 2011

I've been writing a list of my New Year's Resolutions for 5 days now and it's still not done. It's not that I have that much of them, it's only that I really have to think through every single aspect of my life and set a realistic goal - and now I want to do the same with my blogger life.
I've been blogging since July 15. It means I've been a blogger for five and a half months now - yayy, soon to be celebrating a half year anniversary :) - and my blogging skills really developed over the months, it can be seen pretty clearly if you check my first 10-15 posts. I didn't really know what to write about and how to write about it, it wasn't clear to me what my (then non-existing) readers might've been interested in and I just took morsels of news and told my opinion about them, basically. Nowadays I almost always have a concrete topic for each of my posts and I've been trying to be a little more qualitative lately.
Design-wise, MFLL's first design was made by me entirely, though I haven't the foggiest idea how to use HTML codes and stuff like that. I just used jpeg images right, I guess it was luck. The second design wasn't really me, it was the blue and brown one, and now this pink-ish design is, let's say, okay. 

Considering all those above, I drove to the conclusion I should make the following resolutions for 2011:
1.) I'll go a bit more pro. I'll try to write really qualitative articles, I'll try to write about useful things, I'll try to write unique articles. I'll use capital letters and will really think about tagging posts before publishing.
2.) I'll leave 250 comments on other blogs a month. It's gonna pretty much force me to get to know new blogs and bloggers (which is also a pleasure for me of course) and will extend the circle of MFLL's readers as well. Also, I might make people feel good by leaving comments and I might even say something useful once in a while.
3.) I'll get to know my readers more and will try to build a community of my readers. Of course it takes a bit more followers and a little more stabile reader basis, but I really do believe I can do it. I will e-mail the commenters, I'll ask for my readers to submit articles and stuff like that, thus I can get in contact with them and get to know them.
4.) I'll have 300 followers by December 31, 2011. I mean, I could get a hundred and one followers in 5.5 months. I need about two times the same amount to accomplish this, which means it's gonna take about 11 months, and then I'm still gonna have a month to get even more. Yaayy.
5.) I'm gonna post at least 2 real articles a week. I've been posting approximately 10 posts a week until now, but they were short and full of photos and stuff, so it's actually a positive change that I'll post 2 real articles a week, since I posted a real article every 2 months until now. Or something like that.
6.) I will continue the My Recent Favorite Blogger series. I promised you I'll do it every month for a week but it pretty much...never happened. I will do it in 2011.

Okay I think that's pretty much it.

What are your resolutions for 2011? I can't wait to read about them. :) xo


Top 5 Fashion Moments of 2010

This year's almost over, so it's time for a little overview of what happened in 2010. 
MFLL put together a list of the five best and most significant, inspirational, monumental fashion moments of 2010. 

You might have noticed that those above are mostly about how curvy ladies got a bit more equal in terms of fashion during 2010, which I believe is a great step for the industry. 

image via Models.com

The V Magazine's Size Issue is the best that could've happened to fashion world. Seriously. While most of the people say they think "every body's beautiful", etc., designers and fashion lovers still adore anorexic or just really skinny models. Now that things like the Size Issue happen, I hope and believe the world will move away from a dangerously thin ideal to a healthy and realistic body image - Chrystal Renn's appearance on the runway of Chanel and Saks' new line are also steps towards this. 

image via Models.com

Well, Venus Williams' and Lady Gaga's outfits are significant, because they're scandalous (not in a bad way though) and brave - also, Venus was really hot wearing that lingerie-ish thing. And Gaga...she's just crazy, but that made her who she is today. Anyways, I chose the two outfits that are the most extraordinary. 

What do you think were the top fashion moments of 2010? Comment! xo

please, please, please.

My Dear Readers, 
I already asked you this favor twice, but this time, please, please, really do this for me!
Please, whoever you are, whatever you do, wherever you are, click on this picture on the right side of the blog on the top:

It doesn't take long, it's not difficult and you can do it once every 24 hours. I'd really appreciate it. Once again, it's a site that ranks fashion blogs based on votes and MFLL's is already the 3rd on the list, which makes me really very proud, but I still would like you to help me out with a few votes :) 
Thanks so much! xo 


The Chicest Gifts I Got.

I already posted about the Pink Friday lipstick I got from my boyfriend earlier - I love that lipstick, it's amazing. 
But I was at my dad's place yesterday and got my Christmas present he bought me and it's so chic I must share what it is!
Fist, here's this lamp. It's a french designer lamp by SCE France from the collection SCE Edition by Valérie Boy. Ummm, I know, it doesn't sound that fascinating, but believe me, it's fabulous! I found just a few pictures of the lamp, but here's a pretty good one:

I think it's really cute and very chic. The light shines through the little petals, it doesn't give too much light, but it looks amazing. So I adore this one.
The other gift is a Taschen book: New York - Portrait of a City. It contains a lotta photos. Like, dozens of fabulous, artsy photos of my favorite ever city, the Big Apple. It's an amazing book. Look.

Oh, I love these gifts so much! They are both so...me.
Of course a got a few other stuff, but these were the ones worth mentioning on a fashion blog, haha. 
What did you get for Christmas? What is your chicest gift? Comment :) xo

P.S.: I don't know if you noticed the capital letters, but yes, I started to use them. Cool, eh? It's just that it's kind of a new year's resolution for me to ummm go pro with the blog a bit, meaning I start to use capital letters and will write proper articles too - I actually already wrote one, click HERE to check it. ;) 


oh god, what an precious post-Christmas gift! 
MFLL now has one hundred amazing followers via Google Friend Connect! 

thank you, everyone, SOOOOOO MUCH! it couldn't have happened without you! 
i'm really proud now.

oh, and also, MFLL is 3rd on the Style Journals Topsite list, which means i got the 3rd most votes and that's also something i can hardly believe and i am really proud of!
all in all,
thank you very much! xo


the perfect Christmas day.

yayy my Christmas day is amazing. we had amazing festive lunch, and now we're just chilling in the living room with my amazing boyfriend, ate a whole box of Ben and Jerry's Phish Food, watching TV shows, I'm surfing on the internet and he's playing on his iPhone...it's just perfect.
merry Christmas, everybody :) xo

The winner is...

the winner of MFLL's Christmas Giveaway is
Emily Rose Mensing,
aka emily.
congratulations, Emily! i'll e-mail you shortly and we'll discuss the details.

merry christmas, everyone :) XO


my life be like..

pictures that show something about me. 

Fashion Related Health Problems

Of course you expect me to write about eating disorders here, but sadly they're not the only price we might pay for being a fashion addict.
I read dozen of articles about the topic and tried to sum it up as much as I could. It actually made me think about the whole thing a bit, although I can clearly see that the possibility of the majority of the threats listed is approximately zero percent.

1.) Handbags
Now that it's stylish to wear oversized, huge totes, women can easily carry more than 10 pounds on a daily basis. A bag too heavy can damage one's muscles, nerves and can lead to back and neck pains or even curve one's spine. 
I understand that a woman needs what a woman needs, but it is scary to hear that it's not only uncomfortable, but it's dangerous. Does it worth it? I don't really think so.
The other problem that a messy handbag might lead to is the spreading of bacteria. For example, your wallet full of your money surely is nasty since you grab it a few times with really dirty hands, than put it back next to your sandwich for instance, or it can even touch your make-up tools, brushes or anything, so you get the bacterias all over your face and get blemishes. One must keep their make-up in a separated pouch and clean up and organize their handbag often. 

2.) High Heels
We all know it's not very healthy. It can lead to orthopedic problems, can cause bunion and corns, can hurt your ankle, knees and joints. The ideal height of a heel would be 2-3 centimeters, which means about 0.7-1.2 inches, and one should be able to move their toes comfortably in a shoe, that's what proves it healthy. The fact is, nobody wants to wear ugly shoes, right? And a 1 inch heel is disgusting most of the time, so as too-wide toe part. 
Of course wearing heels every once in a while is not a problem, but wearing it for 8-12 hours a day is. I don't see the solution here, since a few workplaces require their workers to wear high heels. Anyways, it's not healthy, but it will still be worn be people. They might just be a little more problematic when they get older.

3.) Bra
Wearing the wrong bra size can cause shoulder-, back- and lung problems, can lead to headache, arm and chest pains. The moral it: you should get yourself properly fitted each time you buy a bra. I know, it's too much complication, but it's not for nothing. I personally hate buying bras even without the measuring procedure, but I thing I'd rather spend some more time on this then at the doctor's later.

4.) Make-up
Old makeup is really bad for you. I mean, seriously, it is. A British research reveals that a quarter of women are risking their eyes' health by using bacteria-infected eye make-up that's over 4 years old (seriously!?). Mascara can also only be used for 6 months, it's really dangerous to use it after that - still 92% of women admittedly keep their mascara for even two years. 
Sharing eye make-up van cause bacterial eye infections, such as conjunctivitis. 

I could also write about eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa, EDNOS or bulimia nervosa here, but I don't think it's necessary, plus I'd be hypocrite then, since even I had and have problems with various forms of eating disorders. Anyways, you guys probably all know about the risks and facts of eating disorders. 

What do you think? Do you ever do anything that could cause you health problems based on the listed things above? Comment :) xo


the favor, once again.

so i joined this site, Style Journals, which pretty much ranks sites based on votes. 
you can vote by clicking on this picture here or on the top of the right side of the blog:

please, please, please, pretty please, click on this picture (you can do it once in every 24 hours) a few times!
MFLL is already the 7th on the list, which makes me really really proud but i'd still love you to vote :) 
thanks, babies :) 

oh, and a reminder:

Enter My Fashion Lust List's Christmas Giveaway to win a unique and stylish "Love and Peace" hair iron cozy (a $20 value) by farragio! :)



photo diary of a walk home from Starbucks.

i went crazy for a few minutes and pretty much stole my guy's iPhone and umm took a photo of everything - mostly him, like 60 times. i took 91 photos all together during the 5 minute walk, and i decided to show you the best pictures since they show a beautiful side of my home city, Budapest (Google it, whatever). 

the house my love lives in

the little grocery we go to every day

lovely, christmasy, isn't it? what is your city like? :) xo

a favor.

Dear readers, I want to ask you a favor :) 

It's just a click - please, click HERE or on the little grey button on the top of the gadget roll on the right side of the blog :)
Thank you very much, darlings, it means a lot. xo :)

Rest In Peace, Charles DeVoe.

"Charles DeVoe, a male model who was featured in VogueDetails, and V, as well as ad campaigns for Dolce & Gabbana and Abercrombie & Fitch, died last Friday. He had spent four weeks in a coma following a surfing accident in Rockaway, New York, on November 12. He was 28."

Petal to the Metal by Marc Jacobs

why does Marc Jacobs have to be so frickin talented!? he ruins me. 

those evil birds make you wanna buy every piece if the collection soooo bad that it kills. i have a feeling that i'm gonna spend all the money i get for christmas on one of those. good bye, new year's eve parties. sigh.

Oxford Industries bought Lilly Pulitzer for $60 million

...so I decided to dedicate a post for the Lilly Pulitzer style. Excuse me for the many beds - I'm a fan of those.

I have a special love for Lilly Pulitzer, because her designs were those who opened my eyes about the greatness of pink and lime green together. 
I adore this combination ever since then. Not that I wear it, I just love it. I think i've never been and never will be brave enought to be such a prep. People might throw eggs at me on the street for that (in my country, trust me, that would happen). 

How do you feel about Lilly Pulitzer? Some people (Cintra Wilson, for instance...) say “What kind of men buy these jackets? Mobsters? Gay guys? Gay mobsters? Game-show hosts?”.

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